Credit Institutions (Including Banks)

Licensing Requirements / Criteria

  1. The institution to be incorporated as a local credit institution must be a joint-stock company.
  2. The minimum capital requirement for founding a bank is MOP 300 million. And the minimum capital requirement for other credit institutions with restricted banking business is MOP 100 million.
  3. Upon incorporation, the share capital of the institution must be fully subscribed to and paid up in cash with at least half of the capital deposited at Monetary Authority of Macao (AMCM) or other institutions specified by AMCM, for the disposal of AMCM.
  4. The administration authority of the local credit institution must have a minimum of five (5) persons with recognised suitability, and at least three (3) of them must live in the Macao SAR as their habitual residences, at least one (1) of whom is Macao resident. When a director is a legal person, a suitably qualified natural person must be designated to hold the relevant position in the name of the legal person.
  5. The administration authority of the branches of foreign credit institutions must have a minimum of two (2) persons with recognised suitability, sufficient ability and experience to actually lead the branches, who must live in the Macao SAR as their habitual residences.
  6. For any new business within the scope of licensed business intended to be launched, or new financial products or services, including financial innovation, the credit institutions must obtain the no-objection opinions from the Monetary Authority of Macao in advance.

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(Competent department: AMCM)