Statistical data (Porto)

Statistical data (Porto)

Population1,324,652 of inhabitants
Nominal local GDP34,555 million euros (2021)
AreaIt has a land area of 2,040 km2
External trade in goods

In 2019, exports from the Porto district totaled 9.826 million euros and imports accounted for 10.146 million euros.

The main products exported included machinery and devices (18%), base metals (9.7%), clothing (9.3%), footwear (8.4%), and food products (7.4%).

The main export markets were Spain (26.1%), France (13.8%), Germany (10.9%), and the United Kingdom (6.5%).

The main imported products included machinery and devices (23.2%), agricultural (11.3%), base metals (10.8%), plastics and rubber (9.5%), and vehicles and other transportation materials (9.4%).