Main Investment costs
Electric power costsSale Price per Tariff Category
(Mt/kWh)(Mt/kW)Fixed rate (Mt)
Major BT consumers (GCBT)4.70361.19602.28
Average Voltage (MT)4.06422.632,826.99
Agricultural Average Voltage (MTA)2.51288.592,826.99
High Voltage (AT)3.99510.272,826.99


Water costs(Mt/m3)
Minimum consumption48.04


Road Transportation (MaputoMaxixe)750.00


Minimum Wage

Wages are set for all the whole country, varying only according to sector.

SectorMinimum Wage (Meticais)
Agriculture, Livestock, Hunting and Forestry4,390.00
Industrial Fishing5,370.75
Mineral Extraction Industry – Major Industries9,254.00
Manufacturing Industry – Industrial Sector7,000.00
Non-Financial Service Activities6,850.00
Financial Services – Banks and Insurance Companies6,478.00
Hotel Industry11,336.93

Source: APIEX – Mozambique