Introduction to Luanda

The Luanda Province is the country’s decision-making center and stands for its most important economic area, having the main port and the largest industrial park.


The province benefits from natural conditions of particular beauty, such as a bay, the sandbank (Island of Luanda), the island of Mussulo, across more than 14 kilometers and having good accessibility by land, sea and air.


Luanda is located in the western part of Angola, bordered to the west by the Atlantic Ocean and, by land, it is bordered to the north by the Bengo province, to the west by the province of North Cuanza, and to the south and southwest by the province of the South Cuanza.


The capital of the province is the city of Luanda, which is also one of the seven cities of the province. The other cities are Belas, Cacuaco, Cazenga, Icolo and Bengo, Quiçama and Viana. The city of Luanda is located between two rivers of great flow: the Cuanza, the largest of Angola, and the Bengo. There are no other rivers in the province.



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