Cultural Industry
  • Macao has served as an important link for the exchanges between Chinese and Western cultures for over 400 years, which has shaped its unique cultural blend and precious historical and cultural heritage, and has laid a solid foundation and favourable conditions for the development of its cultural industry.
  • The Policy Framework for the Development of the Cultural Industry of Macao (2020-2024) sets out the development direction for the cultural industry of Macao.
Cultural Industry
Four core development sectors Four major sectors to be fostered and supported Four major sectors of integrated development
Design services, performing arts, Internet audio-visual services, and filmmaking Publishing; radio and television; animation, comic and games (ACG); and cultural and art services Culture + sports, Culture + festivals, Culture + events, and Culture + education
  • The Framework proposes that Macao’s cultural industry is effectively supported by three major aspects: cultural tourism, cultural trade and cultural technology. It also proposes the extension and infiltration of the value chain constructed by the cultural industry and tourism sector.
  • In recent years, Macao has been enriching its cultural industries, which can be seen in local designs, multimedia creations and performances.